Is there a difference between cute and sexy?

If so, what defines sexy? What defines cute?

Okay, let me re-phrase the quetion: What makes a girl sexy? What makes a girl cute?


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  • cute:

    Physically, I consider an attractive & youthful-looking face "cute" (body doesn't matter in my definition). Cute imo also involve effeminate & youthful mannerisms. Imo, body doesn't matter in my definition of "cute". Tall, short, slender, curvy, chubby...cute is cute, cauz imo it's in the face & mannerisms (& sometimes the clothing).


    "Hot" imo refers to a girl with a smok'n body. Boobs, midsection, booty, legs, etc. Face-wise, she has that somewhat crazy&freaky look to her, that "kinky" look, that makes you think about how wild she is in bed.

    I've seen girls that are cute & not necessarily sexy, & I've seen girls that are sexy, but not necessarily cute. For some reason, I always go for cute. Their whole demeanor is so...cute. :)


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  • For me, a cute girl can have nice boobs and face, but she doesn't have the erotic factor, the naughty look. A sexy girl or a hot girl has the look that she can be wild in bed.

    • How would you feel if the "cute" girl, surprised you & showed you she was wild in bed?

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    • Haha freaky good? or freaky bad?

    • Freaky good

  • Cute is when a girl is not in really good shape or has a sexy body, but is still really attractive by other means, like Face generally, Height, or by her voice.

    Someone like this I guess: link

    Sexy is when a girl is either really curvy, generally is in really great shape, has perky body parts, and generally has abs or something, then again its different for every guy.

    Someone like this is Sexy: link

    Hope this helps. lol.

    • Is it possible to be both? or a cross between the two? haha

    • Oh yes. Very much so. You can be Sexy in some areas and Cute in others lol =).

    • Good to know. Thanks :)

  • i'll put this in a different context loike cars

    cute: most people would consider a lotus a cute car being round but small pretty fast and easy to handle

    sexy: a sexy car would be a lamboughini because its bigger, faster and has more defined sides but is hard to handle

    a perfect mix: is like a porsche, bigger than cute but smaller than sexy, still round and almost as fast as sexy but easy to handle

    for those who don't understand it someone might translate into human terms

  • Me personally, I mostly use cute as a term for facial attractiveness, whereas sexy is more used for body attractiveness. Sometimes I use cute for girls with a more petite frame, as compared to sexy, which I use for women with a more voluptuous model like frame.

    I prefer cute girls to sexy girls.

  • I think sexy is sort of more serious, a more serious I-would-bang-her. Cute seems to be more fun and bubbly, like "Wow, she's really cute."


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  • Cute is you're good enough to be a friend,but not a girlfriend. can be features or the clothes you wear or how you act

  • well I think Cute is when uve got a pretty face nice hair and an acceptable body

    while sexy is having a smokin' hot body and a hot personality ;) your face doesn't have to be that pretty ! thts just my opinion :D

  • I think girls over think these terms a little too much. Some guys use "cute" just to describe the overall attractiveness of a girl. I've heard "Oh damn, she's cute." by so many of my guy friends. And those girls they are describing are not just pretty faces with so so bodies. They are usually hot! It might be a little too much for a guy to say "You're sexy or hot" to your face. Guys are just more comfortable with saying "cute." It does NOT mean that you look like a puppy dog and have no sex appeal. Cute AND sexy overlap! I don't think there is any guy who doesn't find innocence and soft features SEXY.

    I probably didn't answer your question specifically but I just wanted to let you know that most guys find cute girls SEXY. There really isn't that much of a difference.

  • cute is like a little puppy or a adorable baby. Sexy is like a grown vixen! Cute is more alright and sexy is like huba huba huba DAMMMNNNN BAAABBBYYY!

    • Lol yeah I get that. Okay, let me re-phrase the question...with an update.