Why did my boyfriend tell me to dress "sexy"?

I usually dress pretty casual around him, and he tells me that he likes me exactly the way I am, and that I don't need to impress anybody else.

Then, I don't understand why he recently told me to dress sexy while we were out together. He just straight up said it, like "hey baby, can you dress sexy when we go to the movies tomorrow?"

Is this to evoke jealousy from other men or what?


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  • My guess as to why he asked this question is that he's hoping to get a little action at the movies. You'll spend much of the day/evening thinking "sexy" thoughts. Starting with "what can I wear that's sexy"...then he tells you that you look sexy and so on and so forth.

    • This sounds pretty good. Thanks!


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  • It could be.

    Maybe he wants to show you off.

    You should ask him.


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  • Its the same as when you tell your guy to dress fancy when going to a nice restaurant. You want him to look amazing, and you kind of want other girls to look and be jealous that he is yours and not hers. Maybe he is planning on taking you out to dinner after or something.