Going to dye my hair - need ideas?

link [pic of me]

What color would look good on me? (My hair is actually a darker blonde) I kinda like colors with a hint of red... It was auburn for a while and It looked good. Should I do a darker auburn this time or maybe a chocolate brown color?


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  • Don't dye it, it looks good as it is.


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  • ...I think your natural color suits you the best but that's just my opinion...If you dye it darker then perhaps you may look a little bit older... Red may probably suit you fine according to your skin color...Hmm perhaps a mixture of light brown with a hint of red will match fine with your green eyes and your light skin if you really wanna dye them...I'll have to warn you though that dying it, may cause problems to your hair, it may be more thick or it' ll start falling down etc so you have to treat it better and be more careful.Just sayin'...