If guys have a serious look could they still be attracted to you?

Often times, when a guy looks at me, he just looks with a serious look. He never smiles, and it's not a "go away" look. Almost like a calm expression and doesn't look away till I do. This is almost all the guys that have looked at me, not many smile, they just look. Also, it's not because I'm looking at them first, they look first too. Everywhere I read says if they smile they are attracted to you, but I haven't read anything that says if they look at you calmly and don't look away till you do.

Anyone have any ideas? Thank you! :)


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  • Look... I know every body talks about smiles. But this is an advanced stage. Men or women might look with admiration and not smile ..

    Let me tell you that I never smiled to a woman tha I was attracted to .. I was nervous and shy . I wasn't frowning either ... I just looked and sometimes made an eye contact to tell her that I find her attractive.

    The ones that I approached I didn't smile at them , I looked and then went and approached them.

    smile is a specific way of flirting but it isn't everything. These men may very well be attracted to you and wish there was an oppertunity to talk to you .


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  • They could be interested. I've looked at many women in the past that I liked but was too shy to smile at.


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  • It could mean a man has looked at you and fallen into thought. He could also have been one to smile at women in the past and got burned by her giving him a nasty look or ignoring it. I'm not sure if you smile at them when you notice them looking at you, but if not, try it and see if you get different results. :)

    • That is true. I smiled at my old crush once, but unfortunately, he just stared back until after I looked away. Kind of embarassing.