Do guys hate makeup?

Okay, so I don't cake on makeup, in fact my makeup collection only consists of mascara and lip gloss, clear lip gloss, which I don't even wear daily.

I use a 5 dollar mascara, I wear a very, very small amount, I wouldn't even say one coat.

So, I'm thinking of tossing the makeup, should I? Very natural, very very light mascara, or completely nothing?

P.S. I'm not desperate and I do NOT live my life by what guys want, like the title sounds like, just putting it out there, lol.



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  • Probably guys say thay don't like it, but in reality girls with makeup get the looks and the initial attention. As long as it is not overkill.

    What guys may not like is being intimate with a girl who has drowned her face in pancake batter.


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  • The rule of thumb with makeup is that if you're accentuating what you have, guys will love it... If you're making up for what you don't have, then guys will hate it.

  • No guy I've met will mind makeup so light as you said you use. It's heavy makeup that put offs some men. Even guys that don't like makeup learned to be OK with light makeup because almost every woman uses, at least some times. Don't worry about it.

  • I don't like make up on a women (unless I've seen her without it first). I've seen too many women that are "dragon ladies" without it lol! Lip gloss now, *drools* lip gloss is HOT! But makeup on a girl, as opposed to a woman? Meh, whatever. They'll grow out of the whole emo, eyeshadow and paleface thing eventually...

    Hope that helps!

  • Most guys don't notice, to be honest... I like too much or none at all, myself. I wear too much myself, my girlfriend just wears a little eyeliner sometimes. Which is very cool, haha. I think if you like wearing a little mascara and some lipgloss occasionally, keep doing it, they probably wouldn't even know if you chucked it, hahaha. if you dont, dont, you know?

  • I love make up on girls


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  • Sounds like you don't need any makeup. Maybe you could just save it for when you feel like it, maybe going out or something.

  • No,guys DO NOT hate make-up.

    The guys on this site are virgins,inexperienced,whiny and complain about a lot of things guys in real life do not complain about.

    Guys don't hate or dislike make-up

    Although I have to say,lipgloss irks the sh*t outta me

  • No they don't hate makeup. Most guys (normal ones who have actually dated girls and have experience with girls) don't mind makeup or appreciate the fact that we try to make ourselves look good for them. as long as you do not go overboard and cake it on and look tacky, they don't care. guys on here who say they hate makeup have most likely never dated a real live girl before so who cares about their opinions anyway?

    mascara, lipgloss and going very light sounds just fine. actually I've seen girls (and do this myself sometimes) wear foundation, powder, eye shadow, liner, and blush, mascara, and lipgloss and still have a natural put together look

    • Hmm, since you so obviously have a perfect knowledge of how all men work, you must be a transvestite! ; )

    • Well she's right so why insult her?

    • No she isn't. She's generalizing men, trying to to make it look like all guys that have a different opinion are inexperienced men. That's not very different from "you don't want me so you're gay". I didn't even read the rest of her answer after she opened with such childish point.