Everyone says that I need to step up my game. Can anybody help me?

Everyone says that I need to "step-up my game" but I'm inexperienced in that field so does anyone have tips on how I can to just that.


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  • Well, there is a lot of details about having a good game but Ill share what has helped me succeed every time. When you have interest in a woman, or you are going out for the night, there are a few key things to remember. Confidence is a must, huge and important element that most woman are attracted to, but don't be cocky. Smell good, look good, no faded clothes, dress with fashion, have a clean hair cut and shave, shoes shined, no holes or torn clothes. Have a smile on your face. Now that's out of the way, when you have interest in a woman, for god sakes, don't drool over her. Show her you have interest, show her you're a stand up gentleman and leave it at that. You must leave a bit of mystery for her to keep coming after you, don't be read like a book, you know what I mean yeah? You never have a dull moment in your life, always something going on, always a new goal you're going after. Don't always make yourself available either. Let her or them know that you're a wanted man, women don't want a boring guy by any means. So with that said, that is just the beginning, like scratching the surface of starting to have game, if you can get that down pat, ill share with you some more. Good luck there, kid.


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  • well some girls like guys who dress nice or get them something that they like...id have to see you to help you step up your game...im like dr.phil ha ha I can help with anything ha ha just send me a picture nd ill help you step up real quick : )

  • im guessing your a virgin you can go to clubs and stuff to meet people get your friend s and to introduce you to new people and you can tone up and really go for girls on impulse


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