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me and this cnn news correspondent are exactly the same skin tone. so what colors should I be wearing and what kind of makeup should I look for? what kind of undertone would you say she has?

fyi I'm 19 years old and I don't mind spending a little extra time in the morning getting ready. I want a semi natural look but I like creative eye makeup




i like the way these girls did their makeup and I would like to try modified versions of this


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  • You should wear earth tones (colors found in nature) reds, greens, yellows, browns, creme, and white etc and maybe even some warm-colored jewel tones (vibrant purples, magenta, etc.) if you want a color to "pop" in case you're wearing a lot of neutral colors. This is in regards to clothing.

    She has warm-undertones (gold, yellow, and maybe a bit of pink since she slight on the light brown-skin side). I would go to MAC and Bobbi Brown for general makeup such as concealers, blot powder, foundations also their lipglosses and eye shadows are AMAZING since their colors are vibrant and easily show up on darker skin tones which most drugstore (and lower end brands) stop at a lighter-type of brown skin tones (think Beyonce, and Halle Berry's skintone in cooler months). For drug store brands though (cheaper) buy NYX, and L' Oreal's "HIP" makeup line for the most part they show up very well to compared to other brands.

    I would look up YouTube videos for makeup tutorials for brown-skinned women. The colors are slightly changed because the same color that flatters Kim Kardashian on her lips and eyeshadow isn't guaranteed to flatter you and your skintone.


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  • If you really want a professional opinion, go to a professional. lol There is a store up here in Canada called 'Colors' they do your make up choosing the best colors for you, hair color and everything for around 20.00 I think.

    i'm sure there must be similar places like that where you are.