You guys say that wearing make up means we try too hard?

i hear a lot of people say they prefer a girl to look natural.

but I also hear a lot of guys diss girls for wearing make up.

if we wear make up to improve how we look, does that mean we are making ourselves uglier?

i am very confused.

sometimes a bit offended by the fact guys say a girl just makes herself look so 'fake' or 'tries too hard'

what if we aren't pretty natural but want to use a little make up to enhance our looks?


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  • Why should you care what some guy thinks, do what YOU want. Most guys don't even think about makeup on a girl unless it's caked on.


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  • Guys have all kinds of double standards when it comes to makeup. Most say they don't like it but I believe the reality is as follows: 1) Girls who wear makeup get noticed and get attention from guys. 2) Guys often like to be seen with a girl wearing makeup whether they believe it or not -- they want to be seen with a girl who looks good in the eyes of other guys. 3) Here's the tricky one -- guys might not like makeup when they are being intimate with a girl -- it's not that appealing when making out, having sex, etc..

  • I prefer no make up because one day when you start waking up to that girl with no make up you question her looks. Make up should be used for special events and special evenings. The eye shadow using bad but it's the 25 layers of foundation. I find it annoying when girl has to re apply every 45 minutes. Plus you could save that money for something else.

  • If you're ugly makeup won't change that.

  • What's the big deal? If a guy doesn't like it that's his problem so ignore him.

  • You are pretty the way you are, you don't need it... and guys know nothing about it apart from that it can end up on them and on the pillow or cloths...


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  • Guys have no idea when it comes to makeup. They just loudly state their opinions.

    To them a girl without make up will look like this or this:



    When in reality, both of those girls are wearing make up.

    Without make up the second girl would probably look like this:


    Show a guy this picture, and he may say he prefers her on the right, but he's going to dream about her as the left.


  • Guys usually have no idea when it comes to how much makeup girls wear. When they say a girl is wearing too much makeup they usually say that because she's wearing bright eyeshadow (like blue) or green eyeliner. 99% of the time guys can't tell the difference between a girl wearing no makeup from a girl wearing natural looking makeup (cover-up, light eyeliner/mascara, light colored eyeshadow). If you feel like you want to wear makeup then wear it and don't let the fear of being a turn off by a guy get in the way. Even if you wear "too much" of it then there's a guy out there who will find that beautiful. Be you regardless of what guys may think.

    • Exactly what I was going to say.(:

    • It could also do with how the girl applies the makeup because inorder for makeup to look like she isn't wearing any she has to put it on in a certain way

  • Guys on here whine and complain about many things guys in real life do not ever care about.

    No,guys do not dislike make-up,they are all under the impression that when we do not wear make-up we look like Megan Fox,yet when we actually don't,we get judged and told we don't take care of our appearances or have let ourselves go.

    The girl not wearing make-up will get looked over and ignored.The girl wearing make-up will get more attention,more looks and constantly get asked out.Going natural doesn't mean a guy sees the girl as "girlfriend material either" or that the guy sees the girl who wears make-up as "ONS" material.

  • guys on here don't know what real girls look like w/o makeup, they have unrealistic expectations don't pay attention to them. they don't know about makeup at all. most normal guys don't care either way as long as you look good