Tattoos and piercings - what do you think?

OK, so honestly if you know me and looked at me you would never think I want a tattoo and more piercings but I don't know why I love them so much? I just want a flower on the side of my back. I also want 2 more piercings on my ears...Is that too much?

If you saw me now, I play soccer, basketball, ride horses. Dress nicely(like skirts,dresses etc) but I'm not really a girly girl, however I enjoy dressing up. I never swear in front of anyone, and I get really good grades.

Would it be weird to get a tattoo or more piercings when I am older?


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  • i have 5 tattoos and plan for more. My ears are pierced once...and I had it done when I was like in grade one because everyone else was doing it. If it were up to me today I don't think I'd bother lol

    But the tattoos... society may not like them (even tho it's slowly coming around) but screw society. Do what YOU want. It's your body, your life. You only remember one.

    i would reccomend tho, for whatever tatt you get, get one that has signifigant personal meaning to you. (a boyfriend or husbands name does NOT count and is NOT reccomended) So later in life it doesn't become something you will regret.


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  • i think no more than no tatoo's. you will regret it later in life, however piercing (2 per ear 3max) do look nice and they can always be removed.


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  • personally I think that you should go for it, if you want it done do it, you only live once and you've gotta try and experience something at least once I think