Have you ever 'Sharted' on yourself?

I did once! LOL I was in the train on my to NYC, and I had a really bad case of diarrhea, I couldn't hold myself, and some of it came out! lol GROSS! I started crying! The worst feeling of my life! Have you? What's your story?


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  • "Sharted"--LOL. I always called it a hershey squirt. Yes I have had a hershey squirt before--when you let one loose and feel a little juice---ewww.

    Probably more embarrassing (for me at least) was once when I had to walk home from a friend's house who lived a few miles away and I had to crap kind of bad. I had to go when I left his house, but I thought I would make it home first. The pressure got to be unbearable and I was walking fast but trying to keep my cheeks closed to keep from having an accident, but about a half mile away from my house I couldn't help it. That was the sickest feeling walking the rest of the way to my house and I really hoped no one saw me. Luckily nobody was home when I got there and I could clean up by myself. But on the way home I did see some of my friends who were riding bikes and I said hi and waved but tried really hard to make sure I was facing them and my back was facing away the whole time they were in sight.

    Horrible experience. I am glad it was a really long time ago. =/


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  • one time when I was really stoned I pissed in my pants lol after just having been for a piss in the toilet. ahh geez I must of been pretty f***ed up.

    i think everyone has done something like that b4. everyone has let a bit out when they have had diarhea of whatever. who cares its feral but accidents happen

  • Yes. Third grade. It just came out. Luckily I had made it to the bathroom next to the class, but it got all over the place, and I had to have a kid tell the teacher, then my mom had to come get me, and help me clean it up. It was like demon fart possession or something. Walls, ceiling, it flooded the whole floor.

    Not actually, but it sure felt like it. THAT was embarrassing.

  • I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome

    Enough said.


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  • ugh! gross! no, but my step-dad does it. (hes 54) its funny because he calls home to my mom to get him some clean underwear! ha!There's like all his underwear hanging up on the shower rod, and they have brown stains! Ha!

    I never want to get to that point when I get old.

    Whats worst than sharting is when your on the toilet and you have dirareea, and your throwing up at the same time, and the toilet water is hitting your butt, but you have no idea if it is toilet water or something else?! (giggle) yeah, that's sick. funny though.

  • that has never happened to me but I'm sure it must of sucked for you lol

  • lol yes. in the tenth grade in front of the whole class. It was the worst moment of my life.