What do guys like, is it them or me?

so, I'm pretty out going. haven't had a boyfriend in a while. I just have a lot of guys that are fiends. yeah, I get told I'm pretty and stuff but that's it! guys ask to do things but I respect my self and say no. so... is it because I'm conservative and old school, or because the guys around here are just looking for one thing?!


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  • I would advise that it is the way your present yourself. Building the platform to a relationship is one of the more difficult factors of the relationship. I assume you are not seeking relationships and just waiting for a guy to show interest in you. You need to find guys you are interested in, find out about them and approach them on a more intimate level. If this includes your friends, then you need to make it obvious so that they can notice the behavioural difference. Invite the guy your interested in out to a lunch, coffee - something that doesn't scream sexual encounter (as it seems that is what they are already thinking). Dress attractively, maybe in a cute or sexy way and use it as an opportunity to show you have more to offer. Perhaps you can display an intellectual or passionate side to you. Make them intrigued about you. Talk about him, and about yourself and make sure you have things to talk about. Talk smart: dress cute and sexy. Additionally, when I say sexy I ask you to be wary not to appear slutty. Sexy can be slutty but it has more style to it. Match your outfit so that the styles suit each other and appear purposeful, not simply an excuse to show more skin. Oh, and don't sleep with them until they get to know you more.

  • picture... basically every girl is going to get guy orbiting around her but you might be nothing special since obviously no great guys have approached you


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