Do I look better with makeup or no makeup?

i really want a natural glow but people tell me I should always keep makeup on especially my mom they say I don't look right without it..i really want to be a model are be on TV one day but I don't really like the glamor look I like the natural look but I love makeup it just gives me this glow..i feel I've been hiding my face with makeup should I stop wearing it?..wich pic look better makeup or no makeup?

link a pic with make up

link here's a pic with no makeup link and another pic with no makeup..well I don't know alil guess

shou I go for

1. makeup

2.a little makeup makeup

you can look at my profile pics if link don't show


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  • Go between wearing it and not wearing it, it won't affect your future career in modelling or television, quite the opposite, and its good to be able to cope with diversity. You look good either way.

    • I agree with that, make up or not she still looks good


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  • Make up ...


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  • i don't think one look is "better" than the other, its just different.some days I like the glam look, some I like the natural glow. it all depends on what your mood is that day. no offense but it sounds like your mom has issues

  • make up shouldn't hide your face, just enhance your best features... and I can't see the links

    • I like both :)