Does it matter to a guy what a girls bedroom looks like?

I mean like bed size, colors, messy, neat, not matching, too matchy. anything.


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  • Not too much unless she's a really dirty person - like having food on the floor, dirty carpets or dirty floors or trash lying around. I don't care about clothing lying around or the bed not made or things not matching, because that's not too bad, but if there's real dirt, then I might think twice about being hooked up with her because I would not want to live like that. I met a woman who had dirty diapers all over the place too, like overflowing from her trash cans in all of her rooms as well as trash all over the place and food as well. It was disgusting because it was totally a health issue. At any rate, I hope I answered your question!


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  • As long as it isn't dirty and doesn't have underwear and bras laying around. Oh, it also needs to smell nice : )

    But also, it really depends on the person. I think most guys won't care too much what it looks like, especially if they care about the girl.

  • the things that would make me run

    * Hundreds of Teddy Bares on the bed - ( even worse if they have individual names)

    * Hundreds of Dolls - lined up

    * Smell of a dog - or dog hair everywhere

    * Pictures of her ex ! lots of them

    But the biggest turn off - Sharing a room with a little sister ! - even if you sit on her bed you'll get told on

    But past that size, colours, matching - wouldn't matter

    • Hahahhaha good answer :]

  • As long as there's no rat infestations , fermenting take away boxes and isn't like an urban amazon of clutter I really wouldn't mind.


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  • Just a girl's perspective on this: I don't think they care too much about it unless it smells really bad, or is dirty.