Do girls like styled hair or no?

I have a round face and if I just go out without spiking my medium-length black hair, it makes my face just look very round. I usually go with a mild faux hawk or just flip the front up some. Do girls go more for the guy who doesn't try to make their hair cooperate or does it really not matter?

Also, if you think it doesn't matter or if I should do something about my hair, what are some other good styles to help offset a round face? I'm looking for ideas because I've been looking to take attention off the baby fat and so far, no luck.


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  • Over-styled hair isn't really attractive, it's awful when you touch a guy's hair and it's like a porcupine :P But yeah, what you said just flipping the front up sounds fine ... and bed hair can be very sexy on some guys lol.

    I don't think there's really much you can do about a round face (though having your hair flat will make it look rounder) apart from working out a lot (which won't really change your face shape, but will draw attention away from it by attracting attention to your body lol). If you have a hot body no-one will care what your face looks like :P

    Good luck with the baby fat :)


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  • We like guys who put some level of thought into their appearance and have the confidence to want to look good, but it can be unnerving when a guy has more bath and body products than we do.

    It's the same as pedicures. Girls LOVE when guys get them but it would freak us out if you made it the same grooming priority as we do. Does that make sense?

  • I liked styled hair :) Especially dark hair on guys I find attractive.. and when you smell good and do your hair its like you take care of your self.. But not like the guys that spend more time in the bathroom then we do.. then that's just over the top.

  • No.


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