I'm a pretty thin dude - 5ft11 140lbs. I have a light frame. I'm completely healthy and actually have a decent body - long and slender, but some definition (I'm a swimmer) - I must say that I look great in suit! :). But really, Is a guy being my size a turnoff for a lot of girls? I'm generally attracted to the thinner girls, but they all seem to go for the really athletic 'hot guys'. I'm sick of feeling physically inadequate for most girls and I want to know if my feelings are accurate or inaccurate. Thanks :)


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  • Feelings are definately inadequate. Sure, the majority of girls like the stereotypical jock, but the ginuine, sweet girls dig any guy who has style and is a gentleman. Sounds cheesy, but it's the truth. Don't look so deep into your appearance, as that can come off as sort of self absorbed to some ladies. Focus on you personality. A nice personality ALWAYS enhances anyones look. All girls have different tastes, maybe you should not be so picky.


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  • You have a prefernce for a partner, so do girls, some might prefer you, just have to find them,