what are little things that can increase pulling power?

how to become more attractive?


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  • Of course looks do count but I think that it's also being respectful. I'll give a little example here: I sometimes had a crush on this one guy and at first I thought that he was perfect because he's both cute and he was always nice to me and giving me hugs and I sometimes thought that he "liked" me too. Well recently, especially last night, I've begun to not really like him because I've noticed that he's really loud and argumentative even now to me sometimes. I also heard him talk to some other guys - right in front of me - about this one girl whom he met. Well they didn't say anything about that girl's personality [though either they just met her or didn't meet her] but instead were talking about how "fine" she is and how they "would like to do some disgusting things to her." Of course I was a little jealous but I also realized that he's just not the guy for me because of his personality and character. So other things such as:


    -sense of humor

    -friendliness and

    -being interesting

    count but being respectful and having character really count for at least the right type of girl you want to attract. And don't worry about being seen as "just a friend" because you're being respectful as long as you have the other traits and aren't being a pushover.


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  • there is nothing better than just being yourself- nothing more, nothing less!

    that way when someone falls for you, the fall fo YOU, not the person you're trying to be!

  • I love guys with confidence, be himself and some sense of humor. If I find a guy with qualities then his look doesn't matter to me.

  • post you picture first then I'll give you some advice. OK!


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  • CONFIDENCE! This isn't a bad US high school film where the shy, unconfident nerd gets the cheerleader at the end. You need to have the belief that people want to talk to you, not just suffer you. Find some things that you do, hobbies, your job, anything that you are proud of and use that as a base and build up ur confidence from there.

    Be interesting. There is no such thing as a boring topic, you can talk about toothpicks if you want to but as long as you present it as an interesting topic, she will think that it must be interesting too. Also dress interesting. that doesn't dress like a crazy person -unless you are a crazy person, then go for it- it means dress In ways that make advertise who you are; how you identify yourself. For example, I like classic rock, so I have a lot of t-shirts from classic rock bands, I wear blue jeans, chucks, usually a hat of some kind. my class ring and a claughdah ring I got in Ireland (I know I didn't spell that right). So wear stuff that interests you, because often times girls will notice what your wearing and ask you about it, and you better be ready to back it up with an interesting explanation if you want to drag them in.

    There is one more thing I have for you, and that is the technique of push pull. Its my favorite because girls use it on us all the time and its like your throwing it right back at them. It goes like this:

    "Wow that's a nice haircut, but I kind off like her's more. You think you could pull it off?"

    If your looking for pulling power, this is it. The first part pulls the girl in, making her think that she's won validation, but the end part pushes her back. Make sure she knows that your ONLY TEASING HER and you DON"T MEAN IT! A simple smile while you deliver should be sufficient. The end result is the girl works harder to win you validation. don't use this too much or you might make her think your impossible and she'll leave, just be judicious with its use; use it once and if you have to use it again.

    thats all I got. Remember practice talking to girls, dress like an interesting guy, be interesting, confidence, and the insanely effective push pull. and good luck

  • One thing I have noticed and more than anything else is girls love a guy that is a talker. Make them laugh and that will get you noticed more than if you spent a year working out.

    Walk with confidence and smile alot, that's a big winner. Most of all love your life and yourself, they will notice!

    If you find yourself in a position where you don't have a lot of confidence or feel happy, find something that makes you happy like a hobby, or take courses in school you find absolutely interesting. After a while all those good feelings are going to pour out of you and it is like the sweet smell of flowers attracting bee's.

    Beauty comes from withing and if you are a guy your not going to believe you have "Beauty" inside you. But the ladies see you as beautiful just as you see them beautiful. Remember that.

  • Yeah, all I can say from experience is to just be yourself. Shower regularly, too. ; )