Guys what do you look for in a girl?

besides the pretty face ...what really interest you?


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  • Generic question...i would talk about the type of personality that I like in a girl but ill give you a little something more rare. I really like a girl who has her own style of clothing. What I mean by that is that she wears clothes that compliment her personality. I don't like fake girls. A girl who can impress me by just wearing her normal clothes is way better than someone who goes out of their way and wears nice fancy expensive clothes and whatnot. Style is a big factor for a lot of guys, as well as it is for me.

    Besides that...they have to have nice hair =)


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  • A fun and outgoing personality is probably number one. And some other ones: tall, toned legs, wears the clothing that she likes to wear not what other people like to wear, and a girl with straight white teeth.

  • An awesome personality, a good if somewhat twisted sense of humor and a sense of adventure.


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