Girls wearing nail polish?

Do guys like girls wearing nail polish? Why or why not?


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  • Absolutely YES! It's eye candy. Girls are already so...dang...irresistable with their soft skin, long hair, tender voices and those incredible eyes that can get you to do almost...anything! Add a set of long, glossy nails (any color, as long as it's neatly done) and a guy will go ape-sh-t.

    C'mon, do girls really need to have such an incredible arsenal to use on guys? I guess it's natural, guys are visual creatures of desire, and under our macho, tough-guy shell, we'll all looking for the same thing - to have some fun, and to mate with someone who will bring us beautiful offspring. Why do you think pretty girls get the attention? Why do all the of ads you see coming from every direction show girls that flirt and look like a million, no scratch that, a zillion bucks? Why do girl take care of themselves and present the image of a goddess? It's cause they can, that's why! Why do guys react the way they do, they can't just not notice a pretty girl that walks by? It's because we're wired that way! We don't have a choice, and the smart girls know that.

    So, is nail polish part of the allure? You're darn right it is! It glitters and shines and dresses up one of the sexier parts of a woman, her beautiful hands (where the wedding rings goes guys...).

    So, did I answer your question?

    • I agree here, but would add that just about any girl can be this attractive if she works on it. Nice nails are extremely sexy! And don't forget the painted toenails, too! Verrry sexy! We have a weakness for both! Just can't resist these charms.

    • more like eye cancer

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  • I don't care one way or the other. I'll notice nicely done nails maybe once a year. It doesn't hurt anything, so it's up to you.

    The only girl I recall from high school who usually wore nail polish was a model. And she was beautiful. And I was madly in love with her. Hmm...I've changed my mind - I think you should wear nail polish.

  • Feet are gross. I don't care who's feet they are.

    Nail polish is fine just don't do the long fingernails thing. that's retarded.

  • Oh Yeahhhhh. It's like another form of jewelry of sorts, and colors affect guys in strange ways (we're such visual creatures). Especially if she already has great nails, just about any color is AWESOME - even blue, green, purple, orange as well as the 'usuals' like pink and red. Damn sexy in my opinion!

    • Hey jake-j I agree with your great answer. Girls do just look so great with their toe nails polished. Even wearing sandles, and flip flops My favorite.

    • Speak for yourself!

  • It doesn't matter to me I never really notice it that seriously.

  • I don't care for nail polish, but it doesn't bother me unless it's a god awful color like a bright red. Clean healthy natural nails are more of a turn on for me than a girl who covers them up.

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  • I think guys are more likely to like a French manicure. It really makes your nails look cleaner not to mention brighter and more realistic.

  • disgusting as hell. i hate it and it disgusts me as fuck and what's more disgusting is when they start peeling it off

  • Nail polish usually makes girls more clean and girly, sometimes, but I don't know if it's really sexy.

  • I love nail polish, it's just another accessory and really finishes off your look, so I definitely wouldn't stop wearing it for a guy. I know a girl who stopped wearing nail polish, eye liners, certain clothes, etc all because her boyfriend didn't like it - don't be that girl.

    I think nail polish is sexy. I personally like vampy shades or classic red best, I'm not into soft pinks, girly colours or french manicures. I'm actually wearing a pink shade now, but it's a dusty rose colour, not so girly. I don't think guys care that much about your nails, but I do think they notice and your nail polish can send out certain messages or evoke certain feelings/responses. As long as your nails aren't too long (which I think looks unhygienic and tacky) and are tidy, guys will find that attractive.

  • I don't think it really matters to be honest. If you like nail polish then wear it, if you don't, then don't. Don't alter your opinions on something just because you think it'll appeal more, just be yourself (:

    Personally I love nail polish, but only dark colours or blues and purples. I don't really wear bright colours or reds and such (:

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