Girls wearing nail polish?

Do guys like girls wearing nail polish? Why or why not?


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  • Absolutely YES! It's eye candy. Girls are already so...dang...irresistable with their soft skin, long hair, tender voices and those incredible eyes that can get you to do almost...anything! Add a set of long, glossy nails (any color, as long as it's neatly done) and a guy will go ape-sh-t.

    C'mon, do girls really need to have such an incredible arsenal to use on guys? I guess it's natural, guys are visual creatures of desire, and under our macho, tough-guy shell, we'll all looking for the same thing - to have some fun, and to mate with someone who will bring us beautiful offspring. Why do you think pretty girls get the attention? Why do all the of ads you see coming from every direction show girls that flirt and look like a million, no scratch that, a zillion bucks? Why do girl take care of themselves and present the image of a goddess? It's cause they can, that's why! Why do guys react the way they do, they can't just not notice a pretty girl that walks by? It's because we're wired that way! We don't have a choice, and the smart girls know that.

    So, is nail polish part of the allure? You're darn right it is! It glitters and shines and dresses up one of the sexier parts of a woman, her beautiful hands (where the wedding rings goes guys...).

    So, did I answer your question?

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      I agree here, but would add that just about any girl can be this attractive if she works on it. Nice nails are extremely sexy! And don't forget the painted toenails, too! Verrry sexy! We have a weakness for both! Just can't resist these charms.

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      more like eye cancer