Are women really attracted to guys who are the opposite complexion/hair color?

I'm an American guy of German descent. I got blondish hair and blue eyes. Typical Caucasian skin complexion. White but not pale.

The vast majority of women I've dated are brunettes. They are either Hispanic or Asian. I even dated a black girl for a little while.

Truth is I like blonds. I have only been with 2 in my life (I've slept with around 25 girls). The girl I am dating right now is spanish descent. She tells me she dislikes black/Latino men and only goes for white guys.

But a woman chooses a man...and the darker complected girls just seem more into me.

My little bro is the complete opposite. He's tall, darker complected, jet black hair and brown eyes. He ALWAYS gets blonds. Ironically he likes brunettes.

Maybe we all want what we can't have. But the question is this: is there a trend that women attracted to the opposite of their skin color. I know a lot of Asian girls who like black guys. I know a lot of blond girls who like black guys.

Just curious.

typo correction, I know a lot of Asian girls who like white guys (although I bet a few are into black guys)


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  • I'm Asian, clearly, and I've only dated white dudes.

    The heart wants what the heart wants.

    The current guy I'm dating is of mostly German descent, with blond hair and blue eyes. That look is very attractive to me but I'm sure we look very interesting together when we go out.

    Good luck.


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  • I'm blond and I like blond guys. Blue and green eyes are my favorite, too.

    • there you go!!! we need more of you blonde girls in this world that like blonde guys!!! keep up the good work lol

  • I'm brazilian, and I think brazilian guys are the most attractive ones in the planet. :)

  • I'm asian and I like blond guys. This may somewhat true for some people but some are not.

  • well I usuallyi prefer the same as me. I'm a brown skinned black girl and I prefer caramel to brown skinned black guys and I love the dark ones too. this might be because I tan very well in the summer and can get dark like they do. But for some reason I tend to attract a lot of guys that are either my complete opposite like very light skinned/latino/white or very very dark skinned men. not usually anyone in between I don't know why

    • we always want what we can't I'm sure some caramel/brown skinned black guys like you too.

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  • This is ironic I'm also an American guy of German descent as well i'm 6ft 2 blonde and have blue eyes. I love and are extremely attracted to my kind; blonde hair girls with blue eyes but mostly blonde hair. My question lies similar with the same question above: why do girls with blonde hair go for guys with dark hair? wtf? I almost never see blonde chicks with guys of the same hair color and complexion WHY? where are the blonde women who like blonde guys lol?

  • Everyone likes something different, and you can't really control what you like, its like when you see it, you know what you like... if you go to any part of asia you would stand out because its not something they would normally see...