Do "mommy tummies" gross men out?

my stomach just has some lose skin because I cannot afford a tummy tuck at the moment. no fat, just loose skin, it doesn't hang like in some extreme cases, it just isn't all tight and sexy anymore. also I don't really have any visible stretch marks. my man tells me it isn't gross but I don't believe him since I think he just isn't trying to hurt my feelings lol. but yeah, what do you think guys? are you grossed out by the stomachs of women who have had children? if so, what if it was your own girlfriend or wife? thank you =)


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  • If it was my girlfriend or wife (especially if it was our child that did the stretching), I wouldn't be phased at all and personally, I'd love it. And if it was just some girl I met and it wasn't severe, it could still be cute.

    But in some unlucky cases where the skin is stretched, fatter and hanging down, I would find that physically unattractive on a young woman I don't know.

    Just an opinion.


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  • You'd probably be better off gaining a bit of weight to tighten the skin up

  • Im grossed out more by the children rather than the mommy tummy, its the least of your worries...


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