Mum not liking boyfreind?

My mum never refers to my boyfriend by his name. She always give him some insulting name. He is never allowed to come over and he even said he would cook for her but no, she does not want that either. She never says anything positive about him and she knows that it upsets me. I start to cry and can't handle the fact she does this to me. My friends have talked to her and told her to stop being like this but it has not helped. She hardly even knows him and when he has come over he was always polite to her.

I really don't know what to do about this:-(


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  • There must be a reason why. Are you sure he's good for you? Does he drink alot? No future? No ambition? Not polite? etc,

    • He just finished education and is going to study further and work part time so he can afford university. He hardly drinks and does not smoke. He respects me and is alway polite around other..too polite. He does a lot of sport and has lots of hobbies such as playing an instrument. This is why it is upsetting me so much. My mum knows all of this about him but still talks bad about him and the more she sees it hurts me the more she carries on. Even my uncle spoke to her about it but ignored it.


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  • Is there something about his appearance that your mother might make judgments about? (ie: piercings, tattoos, low pants, etc?) Some mothers, or even fathers, might judge someone you're dating based on their looks. If this is the case, but he is a really great person, stick with him. Hopefully your mom will eventually come around to the idea that you are happy with this guy.

    • No, no tattoos peircings etc.) He is very respectable looking. I have sat down wither and told her my feelings but she laughs it off and doesn't care. Yes, I hope she really does. Thanks for the answer

  • You really need to sit down with your mom and have a discussion about what aspects of your boyfriend she doesn't like. Take her opinion into consideration, but ultimately it's up to you to decide whether you want to be with this guy or not.