How do I look like I don't care (when I really do!!!)?

I'm going to an ex's brother's going away party today. I miss my ex, but when I try to talk to him, he shuts down and barely answers. When I see him tonight, I want to make it look like I don't miss him, but I'd kinda like to talk to him. Any ideas?


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  • Why are you going to his brothers going away party (your not together anymore)?

    Well just look happy, upbeat, and do not talk about the break up or getting back together!

    act and do have a good time and show it that means laughing, talking and smiles.

    If he talks to you...keep it short and go talk to someone else.

    • I was friends with his brother first... So there's really no reason not to go.


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  • Just don't talk to him unless he talks to you first. Then when/if he does keep the conversation short.

  • I think you should not go at all. It is his brother BLOOD and you are WATER. Please don't go you are gonna look like a fool. Please he is your ex's brother. PLEASE STAY AT HOME. It does not sound good.