What weight do you prefer a girl to be?

I know I started low on the poll but whatever. Vote and post the exact weight if you have one. I prefer option C.

  • 80-110
    Vote A
  • 110-130
    Vote B
  • 130-150
    Vote C
  • 150-170
    Vote D
  • 170+/Other
    Vote E
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Oh the reason I ask this and wanted a specific weight is because girls always want to be like 100-110 it seems and I bet most guys don't like that skinny.
I didn't wanna go off height at all. Yeah some girls at a certain height will look really skinny but most girls are like 5'0-5'8" So whatever weight category a guy like it tends to stick. Mine does at least.
Maybe I'm wrong but most girls no matter the height I seem to like the same weight more than any others. Also all of you girls that voted 110-130 is that closer to 110, 130 or in the middle?


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  • I couldn't care less as long as she's not fat.


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What Girls Said 5

  • You can't do this without height. I'm 5'7 and 129lbs, I look fairly thin, but if I was that weight at 5' I would look overweight. It's all about the weight in proportion to the height...

  • I weight 106-107 lbs but It's the average on me because I'm short (about 5'3).I don't look skinny at all.

  • I lean more towards 110 to be honest

  • It would really depend on how tall she is and how muscular she is. I am only 5'2 but weigh 130 pounds you would think I would be chunky but I am not because I am very toned it is all muscle.

  • I'm 5'6 and I'm 105 lbs and never had a guy complain about my body


What Guys Said 5

  • I really don't care for numbers, a number does not define your level of attractiveness, I voted 130 to 150 but honestly I really don't give a sh*t about what she weighs, different girls suit different sizes, I could like thin girls that suit their weight and much thicker girls that also suit their weight she could be 170 and above and if she looked good I wouldn't care what number it is really the only preference I really have is that she is shorter than me and weighs less than me. other than that she could be any weight.

  • I don't think about weight...

    link she is 143 pounds, and I think she's underweight, but in the good way, not like those boney "super" models.

  • I like all of them =]

    What do you mean low on the poll?

    • I started at 80lbs lol. A girl would have to be like 4' tall to look normal at that weight.

    • Ohh, haha, very true. Yeah, but there are girls who are that weight, who aren't short.There's an appeal there somewhere, LOOL.

  • it depends on how tall she is.

    an 80lb woman who's 3 feet tall...well you see what I mean.

    personally I like a woman with a little meat on her bones.

    "be of love a little more careful than of anything."~e e cummings

    • Lol yeah that's why I said I started low. But you never know.

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    • I was going to put weight but I wanted one solid answer. Like for me I like the same category no matter the height basically.

  • 90-120..

    I'm only 135. Wouldn't bee too interested in a girl bigger than me.