Why do guys eat more than girls??

And how often do you eat.?

And what do you eat?


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  • Generally speaking, men tend to be larger and have more muscle mass than women, which translates into them having a higher caloric requirement.

    Social pressures may also play a role, for example, women tend to be a little more mindful of their weight (though that's not to say that there aren't men who are conscious about this as well), so they often will try to eat "healthier" by limiting their caloric intake/amount of food. Men are often pressured to eat more (i.e. a man might be looked upon negatively if he only finishes half his plate of food whereas a woman who would be seen as having "self control").


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  • Guys eat more than girls because we're designed by mother nature to hunt. That means that we have to be strong yet agile thus we can eat more and remain slim, our ability to burn calories is enhanced , our orgasms last less and a million other things.

    I personally eat according to my schedule so there are no set eating hours of the day. As to the amount, it ranges from an apple and some cereal the whole day to 3 full meals including, appetiser, main dish, salad and dessert.

  • Lately I have been eating a lot more because the weather is changing. I mainly eat starches like pasta, lasagna, mashed potatoes, and a bowl of ice cream at night.

    I weigh 175 at the moment and I'll drop to 170 by the end of the month before I start to work out. I'm mainly muscle which I burn energy keeping myself warm in the winter months. I like to wear light clothing in the winter (t-shirts and pants sometimes shorts) depending on the weather.

    I generally consume 3000 to 4000 calories a day. I'm very active though so don't let that fool you.


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  • Im a chick and I can eat more food than some guys

    Im 5'1, 130, and in good shape. So it has nothing to do with gender.

  • they eat more I guess cos they burn a lot more calories.. they have fast metabolism system.

    • We have a lot more muscle. More muscle equals burning calories much faster.

  • Isn't it obvious? There bodies are bigger