I don't think I look that great, but everyone is telling me I do?

I'm 5'6" (give or take an inch) and I weigh about 158 lbs, I have acne up the wazoo that can only be hidden by a crap ton of makeup, I have arms ant legs that are more muscular than most girls', hair that I can't do anything with, and practically nonexistent boobs to boot! I can't figure out what people (especially my fiancé) see in me! The only good things I see is that my eyes are a nice shade of blue, my hair is a perfect shade of gold (no matter how unruly it is) and I have a nice butt (or so I've been told lol) I would think that all the bad stuff would out weigh those 3 things


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  • ''Specially my fiancee" of course your fiancee and the people around you who love you will see you differently and will see your soul, they simply love you and who you are and that is enough.

    Just like myself, I keep trying to lose few pounds and my family are always telling me knock it off you look fine and I d..ont even know where to start to complain about the things that I don't really like in my body and face. but again, those people love me for who I am whether ma fat skinny ugly or beautiful and that's a great thing yet never really honest to me.

    According to what you said you probably look fine and if you think that maybe you should do something about it to feel better about yourself then start working out, eat better, and go to the doctor for the acne, perhaps you should ask a total stranger about what you need to improve incase you don't trust your opinion =)

    Maybe we could trade as a start, since I have a flat ass and huge boobs, I will give you sum of my boobs and you give me some of your ass and we'll call it even!


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  • Maybe they're all like me and a sucker for a girl with blue eye's. There's one girl who works in the office at my apartment complex and she has these eye's that just get me also she's not normally the type of girl I like, don't get me wrong I'm not saying she's ugly she's just not my normal type but those eye's along with her perky attitude just draws me to her

  • I hear you...


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