What does it mean if this guy looks at me at school but doesn't talk to me?

It started happening after when I was queuing up for a pizza but the line got so crowded I decided to cut out the line when this guy said to me "do you want to go in front of me?" I found it really sweet and I knew he meant it because he looked serious when he said it. we haven't said anything to each other since and it mostly happens in the lunch hall but I usually catch him looking at me. I look at him back but he doesn't turn his head away. when he looks, he doesn't laugh or anything. he just has a normal blank face. he is usually with his mates when he does it. Sometimes I notice his mates looking at me. Me and him made eye contact once for about 3 seconds but then I looked away because I felt shy. Whenever I walk past and he sees me, he always looks at me. He never ignores looking at me whenever he sees me.i just don't get what this guy thinks of me. I'm kinda upset over it and I don't know what to do. I can't make out whether he likes me in that way or not. also, I'm very shy so I wouldn't have the guts to talk to him. please can you give me advice or what should I do?


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  • If your shy about it and can't go up to him and talk about it then I guess it could be pretty confusing. If you can't talk to him, I mean REALLY can't talk to him, then when he looks at you, you could just stay there staring at him until he either says something or does something to give it away from a facial expression. I mean you can't stay there staring at each other forever. One of you will have to do something. This might not be the best advice but its the only thing I can think of since your to shy to talk to him. Or you could do it the easy way and ask someone to ask him for you. Or possibly must up the courage to talk to him. But something else, I kinda think its creepy for him to just stare at you like that with a blank face. Just be careful with someone like that.

  • You might hafta talk to him if you want something to happen. I spent a few months in class with this guy, and we would always make eye contact across the room. Nothing ever came of it..