How do you prefer your guy(s) to look?

How do you like your guys to dress/look?

Khakis? cargos? jeans? light? dark? ripped? faded? skinny? boot? etc? polos? solid color? stripe? tight fit? loose fit? hats? no hat? glasses?(if available) facial hair? clean shaved? long hair? short? light hair? dark hair? eye color?


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  • I love skinny jeans, long hair, pointy shoes, bit of facial hair... green eyes and dark hair...oh wait that's russell brand! But then all of that doesn't mean anything if the guy has a rubbish personality! seriously.


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  • Slim or skinny (just not skintight) jeans, don't care much about wash, but darker is usually better, or black or gray.

    I like guys to wear cardigans, haha, pullovers are good too. (kinda random, lol)

    Glasses are good if they're a good frame (prefer larger or thicker rimmed glasses, similar to these: link or link

    I like hats sometimes, but not fitted caps. Only if it's cold out though, hate when guys wear hats when it's warm out. Kind of oversize beanies are good, and I think guys look adorable in trapper hats, haha.

    Don't care too much about hair color, have a slight preference for brown hair but now that I think about it half the guys I've liked have had blond or red hair too, lol.

    I like when a guy's hair is, like, not super long, like past shoulder length is usually bad. But I don't like when it's super short either.

    Facial hair can be okay. I like scruff or a small beard if they can pull it off. But clean shaven is usually good too.

    Don't really care about eye color, green is nice though.

  • hmm everyone has different tastes... but I've noticed that I'm always really attracted to guys with light brown - brown hair, any color eyes really and skin that's just a little more tan then pale. also I'd prefer a tall guy. and then I really really like skinny jeans on a guy and some casual shirt and maybe a scarf in the winter :)

  • Preppy/vintage style, facial/no facial depends on the haircut, if he has shaggy hair then a small beard would be suitable but if he has a short cut then clean shaven. Haircolour doesn't matter as long as its not bright neon colours. Eyes preferably green/hazel :)

  • Long hair, skinny jeans, no preferences in shirts but I'm not a fan of polos, hats, idc, cleaned shaved, long dark hair, and eye color doesn't matter as long as their eyes that you can just get lost in <3 damn I wish I knew a guy like that lol

  • just normal clothes lol. I don't pay that much attention to what a guy is wearing as long as it's clean and neat

    • It's not just a clothing question, it's an appearance question.

  • dark bootcut jeans and polos. hats OK. stubble facial hair, short dark hair and dark eyes


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