Fall hair colors anyone?

I'm a natural brunette. I have natural highlights in my hair, slightly auburn I guess. Last winter I decided to put in blonde highlights, lots of them =] I;m now a dirty blonde and really like it, but for the fall I was curious and wanted to try something different. I was thinking dying my hair back to the original brown and putting in dark red highlights?

my complexion is fair, not pale, but not super tan. Any hair color ideas will be greatly appreciated! thanks everyone =)

and as for length, its about 2 inches below the shoulder I guess


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  • Your options vary between warmer hair colors and cooler hair colors. Both are a major trend this fall, so I suggest the following: bold red, rich brown or a glossy blond. You can dye your hair light brown or even darker blond to add in lighter blond highlights. This can add a ton of depth to your hair. Darker roots are also famous this fall - this I read from a magazine. One of the best color for fall is red - don't go too bright but not too dark either. Find the right red color for your hair (it has to compliment your skin tone). Simple brown hair with caramel highlights for depth is great. You can also tint hair all over either darker or lighter or try for an auburn color (similar to what you were suggesting). If you want to go way dark - try ebony color for your hair. I think with your skin tone, you can pull it off very nicely. Another good color is to go blond on top, and dark on bottom. Most people pull it off really well. You can also try chestnut brown (in dark or lighter shades), which I am seeing a lot more girls do. It seems to look good on almost everyone trying out the look so you can experiment with that. A personal favorite is a golden color with hints of red all over. I think that look is perfect for fall.

    Hopefully you got some sort of idea from this. Goodluck.


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  • What about strawberry brown. That kind of goes with the changing leaves. And its cool to snuggle with a girl by the fireplace who has hair like the chestnuts in fall. That would be romantic. Let me know if you like my advice. Thanx


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  • i love the idea of adding a little red. I think you should go for the auburn red color. I saw this girl at the mal she had kind of a chestnut brown hair and she had auburn red highlights. omg it was the best hair I have ever seen.