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Guys, I need your insight! Does his eye contact mean he's attracted?

There is someone that runs in the same circles as me. We are in the same group of close friends, but we are not that close. Over the years, I have... Show More

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  • The eye contact alone can mean a lot of different things.. What are some of the "other things"? (Give us the whole picture!)

    • Ok. Bigger picture... He will buy me drinks if we are out as a group (but he is a very generous person, so it could just be generosity). He often comments on the way I dance (I guess I use my hips a lot, according to him) so it makes me think he is probably noticing. He teases me a lot, in a playful way, but again...it could just be him being friendly and I am reading too much into it. I don't know. I could totally be reading too much into everything. But my gut says otherwise...

    • No need to be rude MaxTucker no-one asked for your 5cent input=)

      babe you should give it a go and start flirting with him, could lead to something more, you will never know unless you try;)


    • Um, no max. a beer actually, since that is my preferred beverage. but thanks for your thoughtful contribution.

      and thanks beka, I just might do that and see what happens...

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