Guys, I need your insight! Does his eye contact mean he's attracted?

There is someone that runs in the same circles as me. We are in the same group of close friends, but we are not that close.

Over the years, I have noticed very subtle things that I think are cues that he is attracted to me, and I'm finally to the point where I am dying of curiosity and I just want to know if I am picking up on signals that are there or if I am just imagining things. So I am turning to the experts to find out :)

The biggest sign that has got me wondering is eye contact. Every single time we are in a group of people talking, he ALWAYS looks at me while he's talking. He'll glance over as if to see what my reaction is to what he is saying, and then he'll glance away as soon as he sees I am looking at him. I notice him trying to be a lot funnier when he knows I am listening, and every time he says something funny he immediately looks over at me. I don't know if he even realizes that he is doing it, it just seems so automatic. He does this repeatedly, and he does not do this to anyone else in the room. I think this tendency is what first made me suspect there was something there.

There are other things too, but the eye contact is the one that has me guessing the most.

Overall, I just sense that there is something there. I'm a pretty intuitive person, but this has me stumped. I think it could go either way.

So what do you fellas think?