How to touch a guy I like?

i always see these things about how men need physical "signs" that you like him. I think he likes me. he's a real gentleman, holds doors, gets defensive if a guy hits on me aggressively, makes sure I get home, buys me lunch, called me cute the other day, etc... (still super happy about that, lol)

at any rate, I'm shy and can have these really awkward tendencies to f*** things up, so I was wondering how I can touch him without coming off as this flirtatious, easy kinda girl. something simple, but noticeable. I don't want to look like a creep though. answers much appreciated!


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  • Mademoiselle,

    First of all, remember, you have the advantage. You are the lady. Ladies always have the "right of way" concerning flirting.

    Start with the shoulders... a girl is always free to pat a man on the back or hold him by his shoulders. Brief rubbing of the shoulders is a little more daring, but also okay.

    Long hugs are also a good. DON'T make the mistake of asking for the hug, just do it. Go up to him, make eye contact, then put your arms around him, and "invite" him into your space. Only an idiot would refuse a hug from a lady. As you do this more often, make them last longer. Hug him tightly and warmly.

    On the more daring side, when you are sitting with him, gently place your hand on his knee. Believe me, he'll notice. LOL. don't go above the lower thigh, or this will seem extremely aggressive.

    There are plenty of ways you can "flirt" with a guy... just remember that good flirting is like watching a good magic act: it has to be believable to look real, but it's really just a game.

    • Oh genius! Yeah I just said hugs don't work, but that's only if you ask for it. If it comes out of no where, it'll be less confusing for sure and definitely nicer.

    • Thanks. I'm still scared to hug him, but while he was sitting I did touch his shoulder. made him blush :) lol

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  • don't worry too much about looking/feeling creepy. only guys have to worry about being creepy. girls don't have to, unless they want to complicate things. a pat on the back, stroke on the arm, whatever- just work it into the conversation, so it doesn't seem completely out of the blue, but make it seem sort of spontaneous.

    there is the possibility, if he is a little shy/insecure, that he may rationalize this as friendly touching, and if he does, you may have to be more verbally direct.

  • Stroking the arm or giving him a kiss on the cheek is your best bet. Give him a kiss next time he buys you lunch or next time he shuts down a guy for hitting on you aggressively, stroke and hold his arm. He should get the picture.

    • Yeah the kiss on the cheek is good actually. The hug isn't, too ambiguous. Also when you kiss him, do it deliberately so he gets the hint.

  • Little cute/fun hints here and there are great.

    • Like? I don't want to be too subtle, he might miss it lol

    • Oh, touch him on the arms and use your thumb quickly to rub his arm, like all in one motion. Smile a lot and look into his eyes... get closer to him when you're talking.

  • kiss him...the only touch a man can never hate.


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  • you can touch his hand lightly, or even his arm, when you're sitting at a table at lunch or something, or you can also lightly touch your legs to his just effortlessly and see if he moves away or not...

  • I want to know also! :)