I'm so sick of looking young?

I'm a 21 year old man who is plagued with a boyish looking face. I look maybe 16-17 tops and that is not good since girls do not want a young looking guy. I haven't aged a single bit since I was 14-15. Is there anything I can do to look older? I want girls at college to notice me dammit. Should I buzz off my hair? That adds a few years I hear.


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  • Facial hair is the answer.

    Either that, or steroids.


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  • i look at least 10 years younger then my age too. Which works out I guess since I seem to like guys your age. The fact you look even younger is a bonus to me. So the advice I can give you is just relax and work with what you got. There are women out there who LIKE younger -looking- guys. *raises hand* I'm one of them... course I think I'm on the road to becoming a cougar anyway- but I digress. *coughs*

    You can look older by how you dress, your personality, and how you carry yourself. Think, therefore you will be... All those things together will work on making you older. You want to shave your head- I wouldn't try that unless you've got a buff body or something to help pull it off.

    • The way I dress now can't possibly get more mature looking. I wear jeans with a plain colored shirt... Wearing semi-formal all the time such as khakis and polo shirts would look dorky, especially at college. As for the buzzing hair, no I do not have a buff body, but at least it will make me look older. I'd trade some ugliness to look older anyway since even ugly guys get layed but young looking guys don't.

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    • I agree with this answer.Good answer

    • No offense but I don't want older women. I want women that are my age. All you did was ramble about liking younger guys and most women want older looking guys. I look like a damn kid so I might as well forget ever having sex with any girl that isn't ugly as sin. Or at least until I age 20 years but even then I might just end up looking like a wrinkly kid.

  • You don't need to look older persay... but mainly act older. Not getting sucked into drama, and stuff like. Make a girl feel like a lady, like she is what she is... not some stupid little teenage girl. Like using the words ma'am, and thank you, and your welcome, etc. If you let her think your a gentlemen your looks won't matter, and if she still considers you a kid then she isn't right for you. So you should stop wasting your time, but don't ignore her and stop being polite

  • Try working out. It will boost your testosterone levels, so it might make your body mature a bit more. I found that worked for my boyfriend. Hope this helped.

  • Yeah, buzz cuts are relatively hot and make a guy look older.

  • just wait till ut older than everyone will b jealous and some girls like the baby look I know I do


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  • It's all about inner game mate. You might have a face of a teen, but that can also be to your advantage especially if you have an edge for humour. If you ever get asked for your age and feel a bit bent, try this one next time you are out:

    "How old are you?"

    > You reply honestly

    "Wow! You look 16-17 (etc)"

    > Yeah well, I need to look like that, it's part of my job

    "What do you work as?"

    > I'm a professional male escort.

    The rest is yours champ, good luck. ;)