What are the chances of a guy who is 5'8 getting an attractive girlfriend?

5'7 with shoes off, actually. People are always giving me sh*t about my height and attractive girls, even if they're short themselves seem to want a guy that is almost 6' tall...


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  • same problem mate..

    I'm exactly your same height and shorter girls want tall guys !

    • It's ridiculous! Why the hell does a girl who's like 5'1 want a dude that's almost a foot taller than her???

    • I wonder how they do it... I mean seriously she has to climb up a chair to be able to kiss him..

    • I never will understand women. They just seem so damn stupid to me :(


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  • 5'7 isn't a bad height. Most girls are around your height, so you have to decide is you really want a shorter girl or if around the same height is fine or even a little taller. I understand your plight, since I'm 6ft I want guys around my height, like 5'9-6'4, so when I see a shorter girl with a super tall guy I'm like thanks, you couldn't go for a guy at your height? haha

  • It does seem like most girls like really tall guys, but I've never understood that myself. Being short (5'2"), I'd rather be with a guy I don't need a stepladder to kiss, lol.

    My boyfriend's in about that same range and I wouldn't want it any differently. So you shouldn't worry about your height - you'll find someone who appreciates you for you. =)

  • you'll find someone that's not a bad height. I wouldn't worry about it too much

    • You say that but it's discouraging to see a cute girl that's the perfect height, like 5'2, and she likes some guy that's like 6'2. It's like that all the time where I'm at...

  • You're not even that short. I know a guy who's about 5'4", and tons of girls like him. Although, most girls tend to prefer taller guys, it might also be that you come off as insecure about your height.


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