Do guys like emo girls?

do guys like emo/scene girls as much as girls love emo/scene guys? I ask because I've been categorized as a scene before and I'm worried it'll effect my social dating status... I'm not changing either way but I'm just curious...


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  • YESSS! I went to a small private high school and all the girls were really preppy so I love emo/scene girls. girls that like screamo are f***ing amazing XD

    I probably would have had that style if I wouldn't have been shunned by like the entire school =/


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  • No, it honestly matters depending on the guy but scene girls are pretty attractive some times. Wrist cutting is a no no for me.

  • in fact I don't like emo girls and neither do the people around me because they put themselves in a sadness shell even if their life is good, but if your asking for yourself well it's a different story, cause I read your biography & saw your pics & you seem different, you seem a bit strange in your style but I like those strange girls, I feel they have a story to tell behind being strange. (I liked your third pic from the left )

    • Lol thanks:)

      actually the attitude behind 'emo' (the sad depressing outlook on life, cutting etc) is just a stereotype people but emos in. most emos actually aren't like that. if you look preps, and jocks also get depressed its not unusual. being emo is more the style(black clothes, nails etc or bright colors, big hair, bold nails which is called scene-emo). I'm saying this just because I hate it when people assume if you're emo you gotta be depressed and all that><

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