Do You Find Pregnant Women Attractive?

Guys, if your partner got pregnant would you find her more attractive? Just as attractive as before she got pregnant? Or slightly less attractive? (Assuming she didn't totally let herself go while pregnant.)

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  • Less attractive
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  • Just as attractive
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  • Other (Please explain)
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Also considering that you don't JUST love her for her looks.
And assuming that the baby is yours.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Just as attractive. And I'd be over the moon that she was carrying my baby

    • This answer should be best answer. She is still the same women you fell in love and that tummy is what you've both worked for,

      Best answer man.

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    • Awww this answer is so sweet

    • Soooo sweet!!

What Guys Said 2

  • very much less attractive, if not looks then what else changes? her personality is still the same I assume

  • It's the same girl. She is just as attractive as before... Assuming the baby is yours.


What Girls Said 2

  • I was pregnant and single (loooong story) and was constantly asked out on dates. Once I had a guy who I had went to school with my whole life, show up on my doorstep to ask me out. Even had 2 serious (to the point of badgering) marriage proposals from guys who I had known on a friendly level for 5+ years.

    My exhusband always had a thing for pregnant women too. Though he was the 10th kid of a large Catholic family, so maybe it was in the genes, lol.

    I think it depends on the guy. Most guys don't mind or find it attractive, especially if it's theirs.

  • I know my partner thought I did not look as attractive although he never actually said it when I was pregnant although he it certainly did not stop him from asking for sex still.