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pretty much everyone at my school wears all abercrombie, and I'll be the first to admit that I don't, because I don't really like to follow the crowd. I wear dresses, boho chic pieces, vintage and one of a kind items that I get from everything from thrift stores to urban outfitters to nordstrom. do guys like girls with their own style? or does it just make them think that a girl is trying too hard?


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  • I LOVE girls with their own style. At least from the stand point that they are individuals. Whether or not that means I'll talk to them depends on more personal stuff. But I have to admit, a girl with her own style is more attractive than one that buys what they're "told".

    As a disclaimer, I'd say that I am probably beyond the Abercombie crowd in age, so I may not be the person you want to hear from. I will say when you get older, guys will have more true interest in you initially if you do have your own style. The guys that don't are drones anyway.


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  • I think girls who are unique and don't follow the crowd are definitely more interesting and worth talking to.

    However, I think unless you're already popular, wearing clothes that come across as different usually causes most people to not be interested. Just remember, there are always going to be guys who appreciate what you wear, just wait for em!

    You've met one today, so you know they exist. : )

    Also, in high school, people who respect and appreciate personal styles and whatnot and aren't afraid to break conformity are usually more mature and in my opinion, worth more time.


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  • I think your style is very unique and well put together - it's amazing. I love anything vintage. And as long as you are honest with your style (which it seems to me that you are) than it's definately attractive. I go by my own style as well, I can't follow the crowd because I get bored of the whole idea, so I like to spice things up. In doing that, I am very comfortable with what I wear. That being said, when I am so comfortable with my style, it shows others of how my personality works and I feel confident. Guys notice that. And I think you should continue to adapt your own style rather than taking in any worries of what others might think because the guys really do appreciate a girl who's honest with her style.

    And no, it doesn't make you seem try hard at all. As long as you play easy with your creative side, and don't just put on anything different for the sake of different, than you are on fine lines.

  • I think your style sounds really cute. I admite I buy a few pieces form Abercrombie but I always add my own twist to them. I don;t ever buy the T shirts that say ABERCROMBIE on them. I usually buy some of their solid shirts like a scoop neck or something like that and add a bright cami under it and add my own jewelry so it is my own style. I think you will stand out from the crowd, in a good way. As long as you don't dress TOO weird. There are some girls at our school who dress differently, but weirdly and it looks tacky. But I think guys will notice you and admire yo or being unique, and girls will look up to your for fashion ideas.

    • I really like your style. And I'm sure there are guys out there who don't like dating clones. But I think if your style is representing yourself and not just you trying not to be like everyone else then the guys will have to follow. This sounds stupid but guys are like cats, they can sense when you are out to get them, they get a lot more interested when you act like you don't care. So hopefully that helps, but your style sounds awesome (like something I wish I had enough money to do with mine)