Can girls take notice in a guy simply by looks like us guys can with girls?

or is it always the way we have to act around them to get them interested? I don't want to be someone I'm not to get a girl interested in me. I don't want to act like the bad boy either and do half of the stuff he ends up doing. its not me. I guess decent guys just have to wait. I'm sociable, friendly, easy to get along with... I don't bite lol and I'm told to be an above average looking guy. and I'm a little soft, don't have big arms or muscles or ripped abs but I wouldn't think that should matter too much. I'm not fat tho. I'd actually prefer my girl to have a little more meat on her bones than like the Victoria's Secret models. they're just too skinny for me. none of them really do it for me either, even tho they're pretty. so like I don't exactly expect the girl with the greatest fitness level either. I'd prefer her to be naturally thicker, but still in good shape for her body type tho, but a little love handles are OK. granted I want a beautiful girl, its just a matter of finding the right one. and simply I can tell by her looks if I think she's right at first glance, to get to know.

so can girls have this same impression when just looking at a guy? how do you approach such a situation girls?


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  • Only if he's really hot. If not, then personality and the way you act has a lot to do with getting a girl interested. You don't have to be a bad boy or anything, just don't come off really needy and desperate, just be confident like you have a life and she is just a part of it, but not your entire life.


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  • People in general look at attractive people of the opposite sex. Guys and gals will check out people. Women tend to do it more discretely unless they are drunk. If you are a good-looking man, women will take notice of you.

    • Sometimes I'll go out in the evening with my family... and my parents will say that they saw a girl or two checking me out, but I've never noticed it. sometimes I'll be out with friends getting dinner, and the waitress sometimes will seem to pay more attention to me than the other guys it just depends, like she seems to make eye-contact with me more. but I don't know if that's any sort of sign. I guess if it happens, I'm just totally clueless about it. I'd love for it to be obvious lol