How to impress a shy guy?

OK so I really like this guy but he is really super shy and so am I...

I see about 2-3 times a week but we never talk I mean we keep glances at each other but when ever he looks at me I look away and so dose he when I look at him. This is frustrating, as for his style he wears fedoras and dressier stuff so dose that mean I should wear things like that to get him to notice me more? well basically what could I do to make him notice me more and impress him and make him like me?

normally I just wear my hair wavy, with no makeup or just some eye makeup, and just normal clothes (I don't dress sloppy at all) so tips?


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  • you don't need to dress different,you just need to talk to him like saying hi

    trust me I tried this with a girl ,she noticed it for few days and later she didn't notice me much until I started talking to her


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  • If you don't want to go up to him, just give him as much encouragement as possible so he will. Instead of looking away when you make eye contact, hold it for a little and smile. The cuter a girl is, the harder it is to go talk to it's probably reeeally hard for him =)

    No idea what a fedora is but definitely don't change yourself for him, no matter what.

  • You have to get in there and talk to him. Is he shy, or just really reserved? Cause one of my friends is extremely reserved. Once he gets going you can't shut him up.. I don't know if your the kind of girl that lets guys come to you, but unless something happens that you have to talk to him, odds are you'll have to start the conversation.

    • I will try but I think I might be shyer then him , I don't know when I see him he talks to only guys like he is scared to talk to girls.

    • Well do you have any mutual friends or something? may I ask where you see him?

  • I don't think you have to impress him, gather up all your courage and talk to him.


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