Are males more picky than females?

This is solely based on observation. I never see women that are not that good looking with good looking guys. But I always see guys that aren't that attractive with good looking women. Why is that?


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  • It's not that men are more picky than women, it's that attraction works differently from each end of the spectrum. Women tend to look for a nice, honest man that's strong, but caring and supportive, one that will really love her and look after her but has the balls to stand up for himself and for her - To work hard and face obstacles with honor and dignity. Guys tend to look for big titties.


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  • Hmm... well you see. It depends on where you're looking. I believe the reason is that females tend to look towards the future when it comes to characteristics. Males are into the now. Which means that males tend to look for looks more than women while women look for looks to, but pay more attention to personality and, "could I see myself in the future with him?"


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  • No wayy. Women are wayyyyyy more picky than men. If women were less picky then why is the ratio of guys having girl problems to girls having guy problems is much higher. Women are too selective and shallow and it's pretty obvious. Women are probably 3 or 4 times more pickier than guys are.