Girls: Why do all girls want a gay guy best friend?

Also what would you do if a guy pretended to be gay to get close to you. jw


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  • "Also what would you do if a guy pretended to be gay to get close to you"

    definitely not

    as to your question, I kinda think of it as the new accessory to some girls


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  • They understand both the male and the female brain. They usually know a lot about fashion, so if he says it looks great on you, you can be sure he's not lying!

    He'll always be very honest, to the point of being cruel, which is, admittedly not tactful, but it is very much appreciated. :)

    And I'd kick that ''pretend gay'' guy's ass if that ever happened.

  • I have three gay friends and they are my best friend.I personally think tht gay understand more about us and don't take advantage to us.I can bring them to shopping mall and asked for their help to choose outfits,heels and some makeup as well...! None guys can pretend to be gay because I've gay friends and I know if he is real gay or a faker who just want to get closer to me;)

  • all girls don't want a gay guy best friend...I don't have one, and neither do any of my friends

  • I <3 gay guys but I don't think most make great friends. They act like it at first but then they bring all of their drama with them and you soon find out they don't wanna be your friend, they wanna be you, and it just sucks. There's always too much drama involved and they're attention whores.

  • gay guys are awwwwwsome! and like he said theyl go shoe shopping with you :D hahha and if a strait gay pretended he was gay just to see us shower and change and I found out id kick his ass lol gay guys are like our girlfriends but much more cooler!


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  • i thought it was because we can go hang out without being hit on by either party, can scope out guys and just talk freely about emotions without the harsh judgement most of the time. I thought that's why gay guys made such good best friends. so girls can see the other point of view without the awkwardness and with the honesty and trust. guys are harsh anyway, girls are far more sensative and understanding. that's why I enjoying hanging out with my lady friends

  • I wouldn't really care if I was she thought of me as the gay guy friend.

    I separate my relationships from my friendships. If I liked her and she thought of me as her gay guy friend then I would be upset but I'm not really looking for a girlfriend right now so I don't really care how she sees me.

  • Basically because we love to hang out with girls that and we LOVE to go shopping that and girls can discuss there feelings around us because we don't judge we can't it's not in our nature and since we are gay we understand the girl and guys point of view so basicly it's because We are just fun to be around

  • It is nice to be friends with people that aren't trying to f*** you. I know as a gay man, sometimes we have trouble getting close to other gay men because there is always this question of weather or not we will sleep together. It is also sometimes difficult to have strait guy friends because I fear that I will make them uncomfortable.

    I imagine that my female friends enjoy being friends with gay men for similar reasons. We can trust one another more easily. To many of my woman friends, I am a guy that they can be friends with with out sexual tension.

    I don't think it is about flamboyancy. It is about trust and comfort.

  • BECAUSE THEY ARE SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUPER. Also they'll go shoe shopping with you.