What would you do if he doesn't like your clothes?

.Your boyfriend doesn't like what you wear? I mean like when your wearing 'laying around' clothes and you and him are going to a convenience store or the drive thru to get something to eat. Sometimes he doesn't care. And I do what I want, If he disagrees on something, I do it anyways. I do listen to his opinion and stuff. But I'm not the kind of person to be tied down.


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  • it all depends on the situation for the most part. me honestly if we were just sitting around the house hell wear what you want and be comfy. but if were gonna be going out to dinner or a movie or something I would want you to wear more than sweats and a baggy t-shirt. I would want to show you off. say hey this beautiful women is with me and I want the world to know it. maybe he just wants to see you dressed up a bit more nothing to fancy or anything like that just something that looks good on you. instead of the pjs that you love to wear no matter where you go. lol but that's just my opinion. hope it helps.

    • Of course if we're going out to dinner then I would dress it up. but I'm talking about going thru the mc donalds drive thru. I can wear my comfy clothes to do that. and what I usually wear is really, really short shorts and a baggy t shirt. and the shirt is so big, it looks like its the only thing I'm wear. but I'm wearing shorts under.

    • Honestly for something like mcdonalds I don't think it would matter what you would wear. in my opinion he's completely nuts if he wants you get all fancied up to got mc d's

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  • Find out what he doesn't like about it. What, does he expect you to dress as.all dressed up?