What do you look out for..?

Which is that one factor you look out for while purchasing a car?


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  • Only one? For me it's the cost of insuring the car; that's what kills you I think after having a thorough examination of it to see it is in good working order etc; the fact that I am a male and 25 automatically means I am paying more to be insured on account of the overly idiotic boy-racer types who try to impress girls with their cars. Otherwise, it would be running costs and looking for something economical and within my budget.

    • I'm 21 next Friday and have a supercharged Mustang GT...you must have a horrible record.

    • Actually I don't-I have never even gotten a parking fine much less a speeding fine or another fine for any other driving infraction. In Australia, particularly the area where I live young males have horrific driving records-I indicated that in my reply also; and ultimately responsible drivers foot the bill.

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  • It depends, can you elaborate on the car you wish to buy and how you are planning to purchase it?

  • 1. Price

    2. Insurance

    3. Cost to maintain (including gas mileage)

    Then once you find a car that fits these criteria...

    4. Mileage on car

    5. Condition of car (slipping transmission, bad injectors, bad battery, bad pistons/rings, etc.)

    6. How the previous owners maintained it

    7. Reputation of the car

    Most people hardly go into this kind of scrutiny when buying a car, and they end up buying a lemon. Educate yourself and you will save yourself a bunch of trouble.

  • If you're only giving me one option to pick then it would be price.


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  • If you're looking to buy used, I'd make sure to have someone you know and trust check out the car first, in person and personally. A mechanic, a relative that's a guru when it comes to cars, or whatever. I got screwed, let me tell you. Car was great initially, they assured me nothing was wrong with it, but 2 weeks and less than 500 miles down the road I was left replacing an engine that they ended up charging me $3,800 for. Now I wish I would have had someone else look at it, 'cause it would have been avoided.

    If they seem way too eager to get it off the lot, be wary.

  • safety above all else