Kim vs. Kourtney Kardashian?

Both women are gorgeous... I've always sorta been more onto Kim but lately I think Kourtney is more attractive. She's definitely more natural looking but still curvy and she just has those cute, puppy-dog eyes. lol

Idk, Kim's booty is just... too big. Still not really complaining lol and I love their style, but Kourtney has Kim beat in my book for sure.

Who do you think is prettier?


Pic of Kim and Kourtney together... Sorry if link doesn't work but it should.


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  • kourtney

    • I agree mostly, but some days I feel Kim is prettier, lol.

What Girls Said 8

  • Kourtney is hotter but her boobs are fake...but kim is cute too but I think Kim is smarter

  • Ew,both are bad choices in my opinion,but if I had to choose,Kourtney.

    Kim is too fake looking,she just...idk,her appearance,she gets heavier and heavier with the make-up,photoshopping is getting stronger(I guess because she is aging),her spanx and girdles are getting old and to me she's just borderline fat

    Kourtney,I like Khloe the best out of the three because she doesn't put up with bullsh*t like Kourtney,but Kourtney is cute and petite but all three of them have hair to die for.They have that "European" silky,dark hair that is gorgeous.Kourtney is so cute,she's so small and skinny yet curvy

  • I think Kourtney's more attractive.

  • kim.

  • Kourtney

  • Kourtney

  • Before all that crazy plastic surgery Kim got she was by far the most beautiful. Now Kim is starting to look like Cat Woman so Kourtney got her beat. I think Kourtney has a cute body but Kim's body is way better I prefer more curves and voluptousness and I like Kim's style better, I like the glamour puss look

    • Wait so now I'm confused with who you like better lol

What Guys Said 4

  • Kourtney, I think she just has a better body than Kim who, let's face it, is ever so slightly chubby.

    • I wouldn't say she's chubby as much as she just has over-the-top features... her hips and her booty are just too big.

    • Compaire to Kourtney, I had to use chubby for the lack of a better word.

  • I think Kim is prettier, I don't know why but even though Kourtney is pretty, just nothing pops about her. Plus Kourtney is dumb.

  • They're both equally stupid. Equally ugly.

    • I don't completely disagree with your first statement, but if you think they're ugly... I mean to each their own but geesh... I don't see how that's even possible to think that lol

    • They're so stupid and annoying, that I can't even be physically attracted to them.

  • Kourtney.