Which piercing looks hot?

Guys on a girl which piercing, looks hotter.

  • Lip
    26% (28)9% (6)19% (34)Vote
  • Tounge
    11% (12)14% (9)12% (21)Vote
  • Nose
    18% (20)20% (13)19% (33)Vote
  • Stomach
    45% (49)57% (38)50% (87)Vote
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I think belly button piercings are hot because you don't know they are there until you actually get physical with the girl & then you are like, "Wow!" I just think it's sexier than any of the other piercings that you can see. I think it would totally turn me on during sex if my girl suddenly got one and we were making out and I found it - especially if I know she did it just to turn me on! I don't think I'd be as turned on with the nipple piercings though. I'm also not really turned on by having a girl's "private" area pierced. I just think that would be kind of weird. Those are just my thoughts anyway! :)


What Guys Said 13

  • of those four, belly button.

    lip - I just think of how it could get ripped

    tongue - I just think of it getting stuck between gap of front teeth

    nose - could be ok but no good with a cold :P

  • Belly rings drive me nuts. Very hot.

  • Tounge, ear's and belly button. Anything more, is disgusting.

  • Ears, hands down the hottest(not on list), belly button ring or that little golden ball(stud?) looks very sexy too.

    You didn't mention tattoo's but I have to mention this, I absolutly hate tattoo's on women especially the tramp stamp on the lower back. I freaking hate that trampstamp.

  • Not a big fan of piercings but if I had to choose, I would say stomach

  • nose and stomach

  • tough to choose between tongue and belly.but as is the case with a lot of things it depends on the girl and how she pulls it off. So whatever works :)

  • Hi,

    ignoring the type you'd only see in private, the hottest I can think of is the nipple ring or barbell under a thin top.

    Just seeing the outline turns me on.


  • snake bites (double lip pericing) is probly the hottest.i have them but I don't know any girls that have them =[ I wish I did

    • Never fear, there are girls with snake bites, one of my best friends have them.

    • Omg, I wanna get snake bites really bad, but I go to private school so it's against the rules which is crap :/

  • Pierced girls look very hot generally! I appreciate there are a miriad of sheep that say "it looks so trashy", but piercings are a fantastic stamement of individuality. They are also fantastic to play with!

  • lip and tongue are just nasty, nose makes the girl look like a cow, and stomach looks the best.

  • I think ears are really the only places that should be pierced, but SMALL nose piercings can be hot.

    Not the bullrings

    But on the outside of the nose, little studs.


What Girls Said 3

  • i love lip on grls and I like eyebrows on guys

  • I hate everything piercing that is not on the ear.

  • I said stomach because it totally looks so hot on girls. I haven't tried getting one because I am not allowed to.