Which piercing looks hot?

Guys on a girl which piercing, looks hotter.

  • Lip
    26% (28)9% (6)19% (34)Vote
  • Tounge
    11% (12)14% (9)12% (21)Vote
  • Nose
    18% (20)20% (13)19% (33)Vote
  • Stomach
    45% (49)57% (38)50% (87)Vote
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I think belly button piercings are hot because you don't know they are there until you actually get physical with the girl & then you are like, "Wow!" I just think it's sexier than any of the other piercings that you can see. I think it would totally turn me on during sex if my girl suddenly got one and we were making out and I found it - especially if I know she did it just to turn me on! I don't think I'd be as turned on with the nipple piercings though. I'm also not really turned on by having a girl's "private" area pierced. I just think that would be kind of weird. Those are just my thoughts anyway! :)


What Guys Said 13

  • of those four, belly button.

    lip - I just think of how it could get ripped

    tongue - I just think of it getting stuck between gap of front teeth

    nose - could be ok but no good with a cold :P

  • Belly rings drive me nuts. Very hot.

  • Tounge, ear's and belly button. Anything more, is disgusting.

  • Ears, hands down the hottest(not on list), belly button ring or that little golden ball(stud?) looks very sexy too.

    You didn't mention tattoo's but I have to mention this, I absolutly hate tattoo's on women especially the tramp stamp on the lower back. I freaking hate that trampstamp.

  • Not a big fan of piercings but if I had to choose, I would say stomach

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What Girls Said 3

  • i love lip on grls and I like eyebrows on guys

  • I hate everything piercing that is not on the ear.

  • I said stomach because it totally looks so hot on girls. I haven't tried getting one because I am not allowed to.