Why do some men love fat girls? (for those that do)

OK. I am not trying to be mean at all.I hate calling people fat and I never do.The only reason I am asking this question is because a friend on my facebook page posted a status that said What if most of the world were fat girls and everyone made fun of the skinny one's and a guy commented and said he doesn't care so he would be in heaven.When I read that it reminded me of some of the questions I see on here about big girls asking why don't anyone want them so I figured I would try and show them that some men do prefer them! And no I am not a big girl I am just tired of people giving them a hard time!


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  • women are women no matter how heavy they are... one thing you need to understand, it's not the same for men, we need to be fit because curves are in fact "feminine"! have you thought of it this way? :D women can gain weight fast too, hence being pregnant and all that. The feminine hormones would never make you naturally thin as well!

    You say you're tried of people giving big girls a hard time, and you don't realize your thinking is a part of that, women are supposed to be curvy, a little bit more won't hurt, it's just the stupid stereotypes. Also bigger women can definitely enjoy sex more and have better orgasms, it's scientifically proven.

    Besides, bigger girls are usually nicer than thinner ones, more talkative and less cocky, so why wouldn't we like them after all that :)

    • You are awesome. x]

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    • ^hey zeemz, I wish all women would think this way cause that's how life is! I also believe those men who insist on the thin type are actually thinking of really young girls and they don't know it... and I didn't know bigger girls end up tighter lol does that have any biological explanation?

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  • I think a lot of women think of themselves that they are fat when really all they are is (a bit) chubby.

    Personally, I don't find obesse women attractive, they don't look healthy and looking healthy is obviously attractive.I have no issues with women with a bit of extra weight(chubby) however, tho I'd favor curvy/slim over chubby for the most part which doesn't mean I can't be attracted to girls who are a bit chubby.

    I'd say it depends quite a bit of how you carry yourself, if you don't feel good in your body and radiate that then obviously we'll pick up on that and dislike it aswell.

    Attraction isn't really something that can be explained in words, you can try but I don't think anyone will be able to explain why he is attracted to a specific type of woman.

  • Every guy has different tastes! And every guy has a different idea what "fat" is. Personally, I am not the least bit interested in anorexic women. Skinny is a major turn off for me. I am really into full figured- what some people would call fat, but I would call voluptuous, or just gorgeous. Soft, curvy women are so hot! But you can have too much of a good thing. There's a big difference between being fully filled out for your frame and being just plain fat, which is also a turn off.

  • It's simply a matter of variety, which is a GOOD THING. A better question would be, why does there have to be a universal idea of what constitutes beautiful/attractive?

  • Everyone is different. I'm not into obese girls, but girls that have junk in their trunk and boobs are nice! Also girls that tend to have some fat have the curves. :P

  • well its nice to have them take care of themselfs so that's why some don't

    but on the other hand they have prbly low estem cause ther past and could use the positive encourgment from a man to take care of there body, but that guy said it was heaven prbly cause I heard that fat women are tighter cause of the compression however I do not know personally

    but I wouldn't mind trying it, cause its only love and I like to share it (:

  • i like big and curvy...with a nice big booty

  • I'd still say the percentage of men that prefer them is very low...fat to me is +30percent body fat...the average girl is under that...

  • Everyone needs some lovin' every now and then, even fat girls. I for one would never choose a fat girl. I work too hard to keep myself in shape, which is why I expect to meet someone compatible to myself.

  • I don't know anyone who likes fat girls, people just get mixed up with fat, and have a big ass.

  • They're easy. nuff said

  • Well, could be that that's the ones that they have success with- after all, relationships are all about compatibility rather than looks. Some guys have more success with big girls- just like some guys have more success with party girls...

  • It kinda depends on what you mean by "fat". I really like "bigger" women, but not too big to where they are shapeless. I like a bigger girl because they are curvier, they tend to have a bigger butt and breasts... That's just thee physical aspect of it, which is definitely not everything(given I am not a shallow person). Personality-wise, bigger girls are usually easier to talk to. They don't tend to be so full of themselves. Truth be told, bigger women are also less intimidating than super-model type women. Bigger girls need love too, that's for sure!

  • there's always going to be a chubby chaser fetish

  • I once knew a girl who was a bit overweight (okay, a bit more than that, ~190 lbs for 5'7") but I found her really attractive (she had a really cute face, and various other physical aspects (brown eyes brown hair freckles etc.) that made my attraction-radar go haywire, and she also had a really artistic personality which always amused me and etc.), and I fell in love with her, with such strong emotions that I had never felt before. (I was physically, mentally and hormonally attracted to her.)

    Now every time I see a slightly overweight girl with long straight brown hair and brown eyes, they sort of remind me of her, and the emotions sort of get recalled to a level. Since then, I find that a bit overweight girls catch my eye often.

    Regardless, I also found various rather skinny girls attractive as well. So it's not exclusive. But I hope this helps you out.


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  • I hate the whole fetish thing. Every time I read something about bigger girls, someone has to go and say that someone has a fetish for bigger girls. And that makes me think that, okay we're only a fetish? And yet with skinny girls, it's a normal thing and you aren't considered a fetish. You're normal, everyone wants you. And we're only a fetish. We're human beings too! We're just bigger human beings. Stop talking about us like we were made to make you go off.

  • Maybe these guys can look past what's on the outside and date the girl for who she is, not what she looks like.

  • um because they are attracted to them? lol

    everyones view of fat is different. I know some people who think like curvy women like beyonce and kim kardashian are fat and others who dont. it depends on where you come from and your personal opinion. men of certain cultures like heavier curvier girls while men of other cultures tend to like thinner girls.

  • more cushion for the pushin'

  • I'm fat and I'm not easy. not everyone can be really skinny. all my friends are & it makes me feel horrible when the guy I like goes for one of my friends instead of me...

  • Hmmm...I'm fat but I'm pretty but I get my fair share of attention. And no, I'm not one of those girls that thinks she's fat when she's really not, my BMI is high and I need to lose weight for my health. Even so I still have a pretty face, good hair, nice style and carry myself well. And I am NOT EASY EITHER. (I hate that desperate fat girl stereotype) Every man isn't going to like me but you don't have to be stereotypically attractive to every single man in the world to be pretty and find a guy.

    Fat girls with decent faces, styled hair and dress cute can get guys but if you look like Roseanne from the 90s and make no attempt to look presentable then that diminishes your chances.