Why do some men love fat girls? (for those that do)

OK. I am not trying to be mean at all.I hate calling people fat and I never do.The only reason I am asking this question is because a friend on my facebook page posted a status that said What if most of the world were fat girls and everyone made fun of the skinny one's and a guy commented and said he doesn't care so he would be in heaven.When I read that it reminded me of some of the questions I see on here about big girls asking why don't anyone want them so I figured I would try and show them that some men do prefer them! And no I am not a big girl I am just tired of people giving them a hard time!


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  • women are women no matter how heavy they are... one thing you need to understand, it's not the same for men, we need to be fit because curves are in fact "feminine"! have you thought of it this way? :D women can gain weight fast too, hence being pregnant and all that. The feminine hormones would never make you naturally thin as well!

    You say you're tried of people giving big girls a hard time, and you don't realize your thinking is a part of that, women are supposed to be curvy, a little bit more won't hurt, it's just the stupid stereotypes. Also bigger women can definitely enjoy sex more and have better orgasms, it's scientifically proven.

    Besides, bigger girls are usually nicer than thinner ones, more talkative and less cocky, so why wouldn't we like them after all that :)

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      You are awesome. x]

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      ^hey zeemz, I wish all women would think this way cause that's how life is! I also believe those men who insist on the thin type are actually thinking of really young girls and they don't know it... and I didn't know bigger girls end up tighter lol does that have any biological explanation?

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      Thank You!