What is your favorite clothing / make up / accessory item?

Just wondering. And mine is a pretty pendant my brother's girlfriend gave me. :)


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  • My favorite piece of clothing is an absolutely gorgeous pair of jeans that fits me perfectly. I got them in Cali and they fit me like a glove, so whenever I wear them I feel super confident. My favorite accessory would have to be my bangles...as for makeup, I prefer not to wear any. I do love my CO Bigelow lip gloss, though. :)

    • Ahh, I'm so jealous. :)

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    • It's cause I lost some weight, I had a really nice pair of slim boot jeans from American Eagle which I LOVED and they were a size 4, but now I'm a size 2 >.>

    • Ahh, frustrating. I'm a size 3 right now, and since all my favorite pants are that size, I'm hoping that I don't lose or gain any for a long time to avoid situations like that :)


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  • Big Amber-tinted Aviator Sunglasses! For feeling like a rockstarrr in

    • :) My dad has some really cool ones that are like thirty years old, but I practically have to wear rubber gloves just to touch them. XD

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    • Yeahhh, definately. We have charity shops, more than thrift stores here. I volunteered for one just so I could nick the jewlery, hahhhaa

    • Oh, we have both. But here there are a few really cool vintage stores, :)

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