Need advice on my curls?

i LOVE having my hair out in my natural ringlets, but its very hard to de-poof them. when they are wet, they are tame and long, but when they are dry, they go 'POOF!' and its very annoying, so I end up having to put my hair up...

how can I de-poof the lovely curls?

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  • UGH, I TOTALLY FEEL YOUR PAIN! I have extremely curly hair naturally, so curly that I'm constantly getting asked if it's natural and blah blah blah. Girl, you know what I like to use to form the ringlets but still keep it soft? Conditioner! Not necessarily "leave in conditioner" that's sold as that, but the regular conditioner that you use in the shower. I know it sounds gross, but it works.

    Basically, shampoo and condition your hair in the shower like usual, then rinse everything. Towel dry the excess water and then just get like a dallop of the conditioner in your hand and run it all throughout your hair. I like to brush it through and then kinda twist the brush when going through the length. Then flip it upside down and pull your fingers through it so that the curls get separated into their own individual curls. Hope this helps!


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  • Try using a good Leave in Conditioner. I like the products from Sensible Addictions (salon quality) they have great fragrances Stargazer is one of my favorites. They have a full range of products from show gel to lotions in many fragrances. You can find them on the Web . Try their stuff I think you will like them.


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  • I found that normal conditioners poof my hair. I've had luck washing my hair with just a gentle shampoo or just using a little baking soda as a shampoo. Also only combing it gently in the shower if it needs it and never otherwise.

    The other thing is only barely taking off the water with a towel and letting it air dry. I also like this product link

    and I've heard this one is good, too link

  • Use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. It works wonders for my hair.

  • this should help you


  • are you seriously asking that on this site? why don't you go to a salon and ask one of them. you're going to have to end up using product anyways. you could try paul mitchell. he has good product. and it smells nice. definately go for the more expensive stuff. its better quality.