Why do guys post shirtless pictures on a website they join?

I don't really see it on here, but on other websites, I see guys post shirtless pictures as their default. I mean it doesn't bother me most of the time, but why do they do that? Some of them don't even have the best stomach/chest/arms to pose like that. Guys, give me some insight on this, please?


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  • 99% of men who wear shirts with no sleaves, and show off their bodies, are guys that have no bodies.

    Most women are this way too. They rely on "if I don't have it, I have to flaunt it."

    Look at me "i lost 50 lbs soooo... now I'm hot, time to show it off!" When really they just went from 500 lbs to 450 lbs.

    Sorry honey, those pants STILL don't fit you, and no one wants to see your beer belly. Its gross enough on men, much less women. What!? I look good! "You don't know me!... STOP HATIN!" "YOUR JUST JEALOUS!" "yes. I'm jealous, especially of that hair that's around your belly button."


    Men think that its going to get them laid. Because hot women with hot bodies gets them laid, so they think if they have a hot body its going to get them laid, so time to show it off.

    Unfortunately it just makes them look like douche bags. And even the ones it works on it makes them think the men are shallow.

    • I'm not talking about no sleeves, I'm talking no shirt. I get what you're saying, I do. I know women are like that, but most websites I've been on have men posing shirtless. Women do pose with their stuff hanging out, but like seriously? It's stupid and gross.

    • Its stupid for both sexes to do that.

      Especially the women that go " I want a man to want me for me and not my body" and then post pictures of themselves in lingerie wearing dental floss as clothes.

    • I know right! It's so hypocritical.


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  • Well I play var football, so I'm in the weight room every day, and me and my teammates I lift with get pretty ripped as the season progresses. I've never felt the need to post a shirtless pic as profile, but if I did I guess it would just be to show off to girls an area of my body they don't usually get to see:p I don't know tho... If you work hard on the way you look it seems only natural to take pride in it and wanna show it off.

    • I understand that, but like why show it off on websites where anyone and everyone can see it when on summer you can show it off at the beach or pool?

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    • Lol :)

    • Idk bout that. I play both sports, but rugbys not necessarily any tougher. sure there's no pads but if uve never played football you might not realize how much harder you can hit someone if your wearing shoulder pads. they are as much a weapon as they are a shield if used correctly.

  • I dnt do dat,i cnt tell y some dudes do..

  • Same reason girls wear low cut tops, eyyyyy. Hahahaha.

  • My crotchless underwear pic will be up momentarily.

  • I am tall and muscular.. I just don't feel the need to post pics of myself all over this site. Everyone has an ego and a level of cockiness. For guys it's always a competition. I am satisfied with who and what I am. I work very hard for my body, and I just don't feel the need to broadcast it all over the internet.

    • That's what I'm saying. It's like the just want girls to compliment them.

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    • Atta boy

    • Omg lol xD

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  • The same reason girls show off their cleavage on websites