What's wrong with little girls liking princess things?

So I read this article on a feminist blog: link

Is it just me, or is this mom over-exaggerating and going overboard? I mean these feminist types seem all concerned that society tells their little girls to like certain things..but when despite their upbringing, girls express an interest in things that are..."girly"...these women freak out and try to make their girls ac more masculine of something...why not expose your kids to as much a possible and let them decide who they want to be, ya know? My parents never sheltered me from R-rated movies, unpleasant family conflicts, sex, etc...and I honestly think I am well-rounded because of it.


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  • I definitely agree with the "why not expose your kids to as much as possible and let them decide who they want to be" because that's what I plan on doing with my kids. However, I'm pretty open to almost anything...even my religion - it works for me, and that's what I believe, but it doesn't necessarily mean it will work for my kids and I want them to know that that would be okay because whatever they choose in life, I will always love them.

    In regards to feminists in general, I don't feel comfortable blanket statementing them. I've known a few feminists who have been VERY cool about "well hey, my girl wants to be girly, then she wants to be girly." but who have been like "BUT they should have all the same advantages and expectations that boys do in society and shouldn't feel judged if they want to do something more "masculine". I think just like any kind of political or religious view in general, there are some people who are more radically inclined and some who are more basic, whatever it may be.


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  • Thats a bit ridiculous. Kids are impulsive, they'll do what they want and like what they want! at the same time they can be influenced easily but overall...i don't think any kid has enough social inhibition to give in to what most girls like or what society expects out of them. I have little cousin...well not little...shes about 9 I believe or 10 but her whole life she refused to wear girl clothes...now she dresses like a boy and acts like one. so I really don't think girls will conform to social norms until their teen years when they realize theyre different and out of the loop.

  • ..There might be a difference between "exposing your kids to as much as possible" and just trying to help them build a realistic view of the world. I can understand some of Ms. L. Harris's frustration with the "princess industrial complex," it can be a bit out of control. ;) I do agree with you tho that girls should be able to be GIRLS. I for one like men, but I wouldn't want to be one ;) Not because they have it harder or easier, but just because I enjoy what I am and will be able to be as a girl :)


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