I think my brother's friend steals from me when he comes over. What should I do?

I am a freshmen in college and my brother is a soph in high school. My brother has a really creepy friend that always stares at me. He comes over about once every two weeks. I feel weird talking about this lol, I think he steals my underwear. Every time he comes over, I notice some pairs missing, and I notice because most of the time its pairs that I really like. its really frustrating. I never saw him actually take anything. so I don't want to accuse him or confront him. what do you suggest me to do? girls, have you ever had any problem like this?

Its not my call. I can't just not let him come over. My brother brings him over and I'm hardly home and by the time I get home he's already settled in.
Disregard the repeated update. I live at home, and I don't live on campus. So my brother lives in the same house as me.


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  • If I thought someone was stealing from me; I wouldn't let them come over anymore..

    If you did the same, you would be able to tell if your underwear stopped disappearing or not. And once you realize that he is, or isn't, the culprit - then you can act with some knowledge behind the creepy behavior.

    ~ ArtistBBoy

    • Lock the door and don't let your brother over either - tell him that your tired of stuff being stolen. There's no sense that you should let anyone, even family, steal from you. That's like saying your a billionaire but your going to give all the money to your neighbor because he's your neighbor.. What sense does that make? He needs to earn what he receives, just like your brother, his friend should have more self-respect than to steal.. And your brother should find a new friend.

    • Let's keep going with this then.. how about putting a lock on your room and locking the window.. If you want to have him keep stealing sh*t, that won't bug me, but why the f*** would you post about it online if your unwilling to do ANYTHING about it?


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  • how is your brother getting in?

    • We all live in the same house. I commute to school.

  • don't let him come over

  • Can you buy a lock for your door? Are your parents aware of this?

  • Your panties definitely get sniffed if not stolen


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