Women's sizes in jeans compared to inches of men?

I wear 29" jeans, but can wear a couple of inches smaller but rarely ever see a 28" or 27" in mens. But I always found it weird that men have inches for jeans whereas women have 'sizes'. So in womens sizes I am a 6 or 8. I was just wondering why women don't just have inches like men. Or why men... Show More

  • Vote A Keep things the way they are. Women-Sizes / Men-Inches
  • Vote B Goto only sizes.
  • Vote C Goto only inches.
  • Vote D Have both sizes and inches, for both women and men.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Women's jeans are victim of vanity sizing. The same number size in two different brands may be completely different in sizes altogether. Its complicated. European women's jeans come in inches, but even those you can't count on. I can range from a size 2 to a size 7. Forget online shopping. Such a pain in the ass.